IKIGAI (ee-keee-guy)

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The Ikigai

IKIGAI (pronounced ee-keee-guy) means 'reason for being'. Everyone of us has an Ikigai. Finding it requires a deep search of self. It is believed that discovery of one's Ikigai brings satisfaction, happiness, joy and a greater purpose for life.

Ikigai is a training and life skills development organisation involved in enhancing the life skills of individuals thus contributing to the business development and growth of various organizations.

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Success Stories

Thank you Mr.Qishore Danda for such invigorating sessions to our team. We thank you for your consistent support that helped us improve on achieving our professionally goals and personal relationships. You made us realise our potential and made us change our lives for better.

Your practical training and ready to implement techniques made the real difference. We are happy to be associated with 'The Ikigai' and look forward to have your session next quarter. Thank You!!

Vikranth Benedict
CEO -Talent Beacon

Key Facilitators


Qishore Danda

Chief Mentor