All our courses are designed with individual at centre and the outcome of transformation from inside out.

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  • Ensuring the passage of right message
  • Types of Communication (Sense-ble communication)
  • Techniques of getting objective feedback
  • Impact of emotions on communication
  • Purpose of communication versus passing of information
  • Communication is always two way (broadway Vs teleway)
  • Numerous ways of Listening (The 2nd way)
  • Setting the frequency with the audience
  • Liberty and Responsibility etc.,


  • Adopting to situations and planning ahead
  • Art of getting things done in time and on schedule
  • Saving yourself by being on time
  • Understanding the roots of fallout
  • Perks of time management
  • WYGIWYG - what you give is what you get
  • Holistic Thinking
  • A stitch in time saves nine
  • Time is Life, not just money. etc.,

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  • Adapting to different management styles
  • Aligning with the purpose of what you are doing
  • The Ikigai (know the reason for being)
  • Be an inspiration to the ones’ around you
  • Handling of wearing multiple hats
  • Be The You to make your mark
  • Being flexible and using the right levers
  • Knowing swot and commitment to self
  • Consistent and continuous improvement etc.,


  • Increasing trust and empathy
  • Team culture (just like in SFA)
  • EI as a tool to grow the bonding
  • Understanding the roots of fallout
  • Keep the morale high for long time
  • Knowing The Ikigai
  • Clearly understanding the SWOT
  • Replicating the good practices
  • Liberty and Responsibility etc.,

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